Feature #90825

Updated by Riccardo De Contardi 14 days ago

This is a kind of follow-up of ticket #22113

It is currently possible (TYPO3 9.5.14 and 10.4.0-dev) to link to an explicit language version of a page with the following procedure:

h3. Prerequisites

1) At least an additional language (e.g. with ID=1) and some translated pages
2) If you want to use the RTE, enable the "additional parameter selector" with the TSConfig

<pre>RTE.default.buttons.link.queryParametersSelector.enabled = 1</pre>

h3. Procedure

1) Open the "link wizard" on the @[header_link]@ field or using the RTE
2) On the "additional parameter selector" write "&L=1"
3) Select the appropriate target page

This works,but it has some usability flaws:

1) on the select link wizard you have to write &L=1 (for example) inside the "Additional link parameters" field so the editor must know what parameter is needed and its syntax
2) on the select link wizard, you must write &L=1 inside the "Additional link parameters" field before choosing the page, or the wizard popup will close and the procedure must be repeated :)
3) the editor must know beforehand that the target page is translated

I set this issue as "feature", feel free to change it if needed.