Bug #90850

Updated by Markus Klein over 1 year ago

h2. Problem 

 typolink generates URLs to pages, which end up in a 404 error when using this link 

 h2. Setup 

 @FE|hidePagesIfNotTranslatedByDefault = true@ 
 @fallbackType: fallback@ (in site config) 

 h2. Reproduction 

 * Create pages "A" and "B". 
 * Add content (e.g. header CE) to both pages 
 * Create a link from page "A" to "B" in the content 
 * Translate page "A". 
 * View page "A" in FE in the translated language 
 * Click the link 

 h2. Expected behaviour 

 If the link target cannot be reached by definition, the link **must not** be created at all. 

 h2. Notes 

 If @FE|hidePagesIfNotTranslatedByDefault = false@ then the created link is of course legitimate as the fallback content will be shown. 

 The same problem exists if @fallbackType: strict@ (independent of @FE|hidePagesIfNotTranslatedByDefault@)