Task #90923

Updated by Josef Glatz over 4 years ago

h1. Description 

 While upgrading TYPO3 projects I often imagine a world where I can open the rendered version of an upgrade documentation file from the install tool in a new tab of my browser. 

 * to be able to consume the content better 
 * to send the url to a colleague, friend or TYPO3 enthusiast/beginner/pro/whatever 

 h1. ToDo(s) 

 * Let's add that link for each RAW document 

 h1. Acceptance Criteria  

 * A link is shown when consuming an upgrade documentation file in the TYPO3 install tool which leads me to the rendered version on 

 _Affected TYPO3 versions:_ @master, 9.5@ 


 h1. Patch-Set 1: Screenshot 

 !{border:20px solid gray;width:350px;height:auto;}upgrade-doc-ps1.png! 

 h1. Patch-Set 7: Screenshots 

 !90923-7-mobile.png! gray;width:94%;height:auto;}upgrade-doc-ps1.png!