Bug #91443

Updated by Ben Robinson 6 days ago

I have set up an environment variable in the htaccess file ..…

<pre><code>SetEnvIf Host "^domain1\.com$" ERROR_CONTENT_SOURCE=t3://page?uid=1489
SetEnvIf Host "^domain2\.com$" ERROR_CONTENT_SOURCE=https://domain3.com/404/

... and use it in the yaml file of the site configuration:

<pre><code class="yaml">
errorContentSource: '%env(ERROR_CONTENT_SOURCE)%' '%env(ERROR_CONTENT_SOURCE_INCU)%'

If I now open domain1.com/xyz, the desired error page appears. If I then open domain2.com/xyz, the error page set up for domain1 appears - but if I clear the cache first, the correct error page appears. The other way round it is exactly the same: the variant that is called first is set in the cache.