Bug #92036

Updated by Sybille Peters over 3 years ago

The behaviour of the filter was changed in to submit a query automatically after a small delay so that the query is submitted when you stop typing. 

 However, if you do not type fast enough, several (unnecessary) queries will be submitted. 

 h2. Example 

 You want to filter for "abc". Since you are a slow typer, 3 queries are submitted for pages matching: 

 * "a" 
 * "ab" 
 * "abc" 

 You only need the third one. Also, the result sets of the queries which are unnecessarily being submitted might be quite large for  
  sites with a large number of pages. 

 h2. Suggestion 

 * Have a minimum number of characters before the query is submitted automatically (e.g. 1, 2 or 3) 
 * force submit by pressing ENTER 

 For me, the pressing of ENTER which was introduced with previous patch was not a problem. In fact, I found it preferrable to current behaviour because it reduces amount of unnecessary queries and you had direct control over what was fetched.