Bug #92454

Updated by Mathias Brodala 10 months ago

Given the "Languages" view is used in the Page module with @mod.web_layout.defLangBinding@ enabled, when reordering content elements in a custom section (@colPos@ > not being 0) via drag and drop, invalid values for @colPos@ and @sys_language_uid@ are sent to the backend and eventually the @DataHandler@: 

 cmd[tt_content][13][move]: -10 
 data[tt_content][13][colPos]: false 
 data[tt_content][13][sys_language_uid]: NaN 

 Here @13@ is the UID of the dragged content element and @10@ is the UID of the content element after which the dragged element should be sorted. 

 This affects sorting to positions anywhere else but the beginning of the section. The "Columns" view is fine however. 

 This make it impossible These values are skipped by the @DataHandler@ but are still "sent to move the record: 

 > 2: SQL error: 'Incorrect integer value: 'false' for column 'colPos' at row 1' (tt_content:13) hooks":https://github.com/IchHabRecht/content_defender/issues/73 which need to take these broken values into account. 

 This can be observed in TYPO3v8 and TYPO3v9. Probably also TYPO3v10 with the classic Page module but this cannot be checked ATM due to #90617.