Epic #93547

Updated by Sybille Peters over 2 years ago

Can be many pages, many files, many directories, many categories, etc. or a combination. 

 The problems are mostly related to: 

 * performance and resource (memory) problems. 
 * exceptions, e.g. database query - “Prepared statement contains too many placeholders” 
 * usability: e.g. long, unusable lists (see sys_filemount: long list of directories + performance issue, unable to filter for specific pages in pagetree filter etc.) 

 Can the question of large sites be addressed in general? 


 * consider large sites when creating concepts for new features 
 * create a reference "large site" 
 * test patches on “large sites” 
 * define hard limits / soft limits (if possible) - e.g. are there specific known limitations, can we say TYPO3 easily runs with x number of pages (redirects, sites, files, be user groups etc.) in a typical installation (e.g. with a reference site)