Feature #97491

Updated by Andreas Steiger 3 months ago

As an editor I want to disable/ enable elements of a form. This should be possible for the following elements: 

 * finisher 
 * step 
 * form element 
 * validator 

 Disabling such an element: 
 * hides the element in the FE, i.e. the element is not shown/ not executed anymore 
 * marks the element as disabled in the BE, i.e. the element is still visible, can be edited and enabled 

 Some of those elements can only be added once (e.g. finisher and validators). Disabling such elements does not allow the editor to add a new instance of this element. For example: 

 * The "email to receiver" finisher can only be added once. 
 * Disabling this finisher does not allow the editor to add a second finisher of type "email to receiver". 

 The following image shows a possible finisher design: