Feature #96874

Updated by Oliver Hader over 1 year ago

CKEditor 5 has new functionality, and is fundamentally different than previous CKEditor4. 

 1. Breaking Changes 
 * It is obvious that existing CKEditor plugins won't work anymore, I think that is OK though 
 * Styling of HTML is not possible anymore (= the same way) because there is no iframe anymore. 

 2. Needed Migration paths 
 * Allowing to configure toolbar 
 * Allowing to use styleSet dropdowns 
 * Allowing to configure new plugins via yaml 
 * Allowing to configure allowed content tabs 
 * Path on how to use a custom rte.css again 

 Solution paths: 
 * Add custom configuration in parallel to our Yaml configuration via "editor5" property or something like that. 

 Some notes: 
 * Replacement of styles dropdown and 
 * Add CKEditor 5 module to Drupal core