Epic #101608

Updated by Benni Mack 10 months ago

In general, adaptions should be made to TYPO3 File Abstraction Layer for v13. 

 h3. h2. Allow missing files to be handled through the main index.php file 

 This way, we could use the redirects feature as well. We need to adapt the .htaccess file. 

 h3. h2. Implement webp support 

 We need to think about detection if this is possible. Also, we might consider using the <picture> tag or srcset to ship webp and jpg files at the same time 

 h3. h2. Make "ImageMagick" so flexible, that other solutions can be used 

 Add better support for things like imgproxy. 

 h3. h2. Move sys_file_storage out of the database and into configuration 

 This makes less DB connections and allows to use speaking identifiers. sys_file_storage is a configuration, nothing for editors or admins in a GUI in the future. 

 h3. h2. Handle File Uploads better in Extbase context 

 h3. h2. Separate FAL files from system images from extensions. 

 Basically we need to deprecate the "fallback storage" after 10 years now. 

 h3. h2. Bring "csm" (cropscalemask) and "preview" tasks together, and simplify the API 

 h3. h2. Optimize the Online Media Handling 

 We might not need a physical file for online media files.