Bug #101858

Updated by Josef Glatz 9 months ago

h1. Problem/Description 

 * Given you are in the recordlist: 
 * you have enabled the Clipboard "Normal (single record mode)" at the bottom of the page 
 * you select now one or more records of one db-table 
 * you can see greyed out buttons "Transfer to clipboard" and "Remove from clipboard" 

 Someoneā„¢ is confused about this now. 

 *Actual workaround:* 

 Enable Clipboard 1, 2 or 3 before selecting records makes the button(s) working. 

 h1. ToDo(s) 

 Find a way to remove this inconsistency. 

 h2. For reference 

 reference: the filelist got a updates in the near last and hides the buttons if they are not available (also based on the Clipboard mode). 

 h1. My thoughts 

 What about completely remove the "normal" mode at all?