Bug #102345

Updated by Josef Glatz 7 months ago

h1. Problem/Description 

 > I've also created a video where I try to explain the thematic right in a TYPO3 12.4 backend: 


 h2. Steps to reproduce 

 * set up a TYPO3 instance with 2 TYPO3 site configs with different language setup 
 ** site a: default:en + translation:de 
 ** site b: default:de + translation:en) 
 * Create a subpage in site a and add a translation 
 * Copy the created subpage into site b 
 * The translated page translation is now "somehow" orphaned as you can only reach it (in TYPO3 12) via the Backend Live Search component (e.g. via @#page:uidOfTranslation@ or the title) 

 h2. Resulting problems 

 * the editor does not know what's going on 
 * the editor maybe thinks, that TYPO3 is dumb due to the fact, that the copied records are not changed (default to translation and vice-versa) 
 * or the editor get's not stopped by TYPO3 while trying to copy/move a record to another TYPO3 site with a different language setup 
 * there are scenarios if there are relations like FAL and/or CEs which results in datalost if the orphaned translation get's deleted via the TYPO3 backend AKA DataHandler 

 h2. Notes 

 * in our scenario the problem seems to be occured in TYPO3 9 or 10 when an editor copied a subpagetree from one site to another site. In our scenario, those orphaned page translation records where easily findable via @SELECT uid, pid, sys_language_uid, l10n_source, l10n_parent, slug, title, hidden,cruser_id, deleted FROM pages WHERE deleted = 0 AND l10n_parent != l10n_source;@ 
 * in 2022, @benni had also the same scenario in his real life projects in B13 
 * we try to disable copying/moving from one site to another site in this project with hooking into the DataHandler (I will add the workaround code when done/finished) 

 h1. ToDo(s) 

 IDK so far. But I've tried to show/describe it in my video (linked in the issue description up): 

 * stop copy/move from one site to another site via DataHandler when die language setup is not the same betwwen sites 
 * add a modal with a wizard where the editor have the possibilities to decide what to do 
 * or introduce a complete new way of copying empty structures. e.g. one wants to copy just the skeleton of a page with empty elements but with correct settings for backendLayout and so... (you see: beLayout can also be differently configured in another site, so one might say just stop copying from site to site :-) ) 

 h1. Acceptance Criteria  

 * prohibit problematic copy/move or improve this as a feature in the TYPO3 core (TBD) 
 * document the actual problem until it get's fixed (or not fixed)