Bug #97763

Updated by Jo Hasenau 3 months ago

If content of a page is translated, but not the default language is chosen for the translation source, the localization button is still shown. 

 How to reproduce: 
 1. Create 2 additional languages 
 2. Have a page and add a content element in the default language 
 3. Translate it to the first language 
 4. Now, translate the third language, but choose the second language as translation source. 
 5. The translation button is still shown. 
 6. If you click on that button again it will skip the steps of the translation wizard and stay stuck in the last step showing just the spinner 


 Code hint: 

 It seems the new Page Module only considers the default language to unset the already translated records: 

                 if ((int)$contentElement['l10n_source'] > 0) { 

 The old PageLayoutView(L:1418) handled it differently: 
                 foreach ($records as $record) { 
                     $key = array_search($record['l10n_source'], $defaultLanguageUids); 
                     if ($key !== false) {