Feature #103403

Updated by Sybille Peters 3 months ago

*Currently, there is a known problem that RECORD link checking is not possible via the typolink_tag softref parser, see #102468. Because of this, when fixing this issue, one must currently test the record link checking using urls which are not wrapped in an a tag. This can be done for example, by using tt_content.header_link.* 

 e.g. "t3://record?identifier=tx_news&uid=99999" 

 as described in  

 Currently, InternalLinktype::checkLink is called for these types of links, but then it always evaluates to "true" if the target table is not "tt_content" or "pages": 

 <pre><code class="php"> 
 if (!in_array($table, ['pages', 'tt_content'], true)) { 
    return true; 


 Ideally, the InternalLinktype could handle custom records for other tables as well, e.g. tx_news_domain_model_news.