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16:46 Grid Elements Bug #81746 (New): User should not be able to create elements inside a grid element when it's loca...
How to reproduce:
# Create a page with one additional language
# Create a gridelement
# Localize the element an...


21:42 Core Bug #80843: Pasting text in RTE leads to non-editable text and empty HTML
Tried it on another TYPO3 installation and it worked.
I found out that it only happens when one button is active. ...
19:38 Core Bug #80843 (Needs Feedback): Pasting text in RTE leads to non-editable text and empty HTML
# Copy some text from any website
# Open a new content element, e.g. text/media
# Paste the text i...


18:02 Localization Manager (l10nmgr) Feature #80537: Add preserve_keys = true to array_chunk function in L10nBaseService.php
This is not a feature, it's a bug.
Without preserve_keys set to false, the array will remove the table string in the...


14:45 and community tools Bug #80435 (Resolved): Extension t3calendar composer install from TER fails
Thanks to Helmut and Nicole.


22:47 Core Bug #80219 (New): Add confirmation "I know what I'm doing" for distribution install
When I use currently 8.6.1 and want to install the Introduction Package, I go to the Extension Manager.
There I sele...


19:26 Core Feature #79430: Make pagination possible without Extbase environment
I've attached my extension with a pagebrowser.
1) Install the extension
2) Include static template
3) Create a s...


22:37 Core Feature #79430 (Under Review): Make pagination possible without Extbase environment
I am using the DataProcessor to get records from the database and I want to paginate them.
As there is a...


14:53 Core Feature #60335: Fetching extension list from TER at the end of installation
Yes, feel free to close it. :)
11:41 TER Team Revision 05bac21d: [CLEANUP] Reformats to PSR-2
Change-Id: Ia465763a7bd11d5fa65fc226c80cf753fac27b1d
Relates: #78669

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