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17:58 Core Bug #65275 (Accepted): Problem with Install Tool using GDlib test
The mock needs to be extended with the missing method(s) or the calling code needs adaption.


21:43 Core Task #65045 (Needs Feedback): Pages Language Overlay -> Media Link / Alternative missing
So is this bug about adding the according TCA setting or about translations not working?
Translations work for me. A...
21:14 Core Task #65045: Pages Language Overlay -> Media Link / Alternative missing
OK, bug is in the TCA I think. The original TCA for the pages table has a comment @// Use the imageoverlayPalette ins...
21:07 Core Task #65045: Pages Language Overlay -> Media Link / Alternative missing
You need to save at least once: #57488


14:30 Core Feature #46589 (Resolved): move functions to GraphicalFunctions
Applied in changeset commit:0ecfb5c373765d728dc2aed124ad944d2dffc4dd.
14:17 Core Revision 0ecfb5c3: [BUGFIX] Followup: Move functions to GraphicalFunctions
Change back to the old behavior to return the orginal file in case no
png_to_gif convertion should happen.
11:54 Core Bug #64714 (Under Review): Error while fetching permissions for
The error occurs while fetching a folder that is currently not available on the server.
00:30 Core Bug #64693 (Resolved): Missing stream_cast() in FileStreamWrapper
Applied in changeset commit:6acc2cb210d42a634f1ab464b363541cb21cc2a0.
00:00 Core Revision 6acc2cb2: [BUGFIX] Missing stream_cast() in FileStreamWrapper
Resolves: #64693
Releases: master
Change-Id: Ib3eeee53d9937e4ae8a1cdfd0da2acf51644241f
Reviewed-on: http://review.typ...


21:01 Core Bug #60352: Configuration caseSensitive for sys_file_storage has wrong behaviour
Must use @mb_strtolower@. IMHO the reported behavior is expected. The settings should match the file system and is no...

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