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16:48 Core Bug #79377 (Under Review): Loading of l10n files broken for extensions starting with cms
The core tries to rewrite the l10n files of the former sysext cms. The condition testing for l10n files from cms is t...


07:37 Extension Builder Bug #73341: Exception with extension_build 7.6.0 and TYPO3 7.6.3-dev
This is a problem of the TER version. It just does not know about those classes in Resources/Private/PHP.


20:11 Core Bug #78473 (Accepted): "Fileadmin garbage collection" scheduler task doesn't remove entries from ...
17:33 Core Task #59312: No possibility to remove missing indexed files from DB
@Viktor sounds like another bug


15:23 Core Task #59312: No possibility to remove missing indexed files from DB
Until this is fixed, you can run the following SQL on regular base:...


22:15 Core Feature #23494 (In Progress): config.additionalHeaders - add stdWrap
22:14 Core Feature #23494: config.additionalHeaders - add stdWrap
On the way ......


20:32 Core Task #78144 (New): Evaluate inclusion of spdx info file
bq. The Software Package Data Exchange® (SPDX®) specification is a standard format for communicating the components, ...


16:56 Core Bug #75908: Respect ssl_verify_peer, ssl_verify_host and ssl_capath settings for curl requests no...
Please provide a patch to gerrit:
11:26 Core Feature #77799 (Resolved): Display TCA migration messages in Install Tool
Applied in changeset commit:f772d9ee18b3d0c2d009ea5828eca47cae60b5c2.

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