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17:34 Core Task #68626 (In Progress): Disallow access to vcs directories
Can be archived by mod_alias and RedirectMatch.
17:23 Core Task #68626 (Rejected): Disallow access to vcs directories
Cannot be solved because @DirectoryMatch@ is not allowed in @.htaccess@ context. A corresponding deny rule via mod_re...
16:52 Core Task #68626 (Under Review): Disallow access to vcs directories
Disallow access to @.git@ and @.svn@ directories.
Some background:


17:45 Core Bug #46919: Add note to XLIFF files that fixtures shall not be translated
Looks like a good solution for me. Is it possible to add those notes for a whole file (like a global note) or do we n...
10:32 Core Bug #64714 (Resolved): Error while fetching permissions for
Applied in changeset commit:4ada4f8119d15c6c52b2ae286a9623d50f79345d.
10:31 Core Revision 4ada4f81: [BUGFIX] Catch exceptions for inaccessible storages
A storage might be (temporary or permanently) not available in the
current file system. Then it should be displayed a...


16:37 Core Bug #65275 (Needs Feedback): Problem with Install Tool using GDlib test
Please test again with 6.2.14. AFAIK there was a patch merged that should mitigate that issue.


11:01 Core Feature #64200 (Resolved): Allow individual content caching
Applied in changeset commit:d520003e0cd703a3909986e0d49ada1e80b00f7c.
11:00 Core Revision d520003e: [!!!][FEATURE] Allow individual content caching
Since TYPO3 4.7 'stdWrap.cache' is available. This stores the rendered
string into the cache_hash via the caching fra...


23:03 and community tools Bug #65062 (Rejected): Invalid <downloadcounter> in extensions.xml.gz
The information comes from the old extension table from the @ter@ extensions, which is not updated with the informati...

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