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17:55 Core Feature #23494: config.additionalHeaders - add stdWrap
Hello Thomas,
It will not be in any of these versions, because it is not merged yet. Because it is a new feature, ...


19:12 Server Team Bug #80886: Scroll to anchor hides previous content
It comes from @/stylesheets/application.css@ in @#wrapper {overflow: hidden;}@. If you remove this, all works fine.
12:12 and community tools Bug #63498: Wrong flags in ext_emconf.php
Please remove me from assignment.
12:11 Distributions Bug #39709 (Resolved): Update realurl to 1.12.2
12:09 Core Task #52601 (Rejected): Do not load core update into memory
Not going to happen, because the HttpRequest lib has been replaced with composer.


13:38 Core Feature #80689 (Resolved): Include static templates should allow .typoscript file extension
As for the result of the polls [1],
the method @\TYPO3\CMS\Core\TypoScript\TemplateService::getTypoScriptSourceFil...


17:08 Translation Team Task #80135 (Accepted): enable "authenticator" extension in translation server
17:08 Translation Team Task #80135: enable "authenticator" extension in translation server
Fine with me.


16:16 Core Bug #79811: Fluid Exception with namespace resolving
Gerrit Mohrmann wrote:
> Stack trace:
> [...]
use the pre button to format your code....


22:43 Core Bug #79763: upgrade wizard won't finish upgrade when not installing compatibility6
@Joris, you must still perform the update, but if you select "no, don't install", the only the wizard is marked as do...

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