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06:39 Apache Solr for TYPO3 CMS Revision b4df8c51: [BUGFIX] Initializer creates wrong queue items with starttime in future
The field "changed" is wrong for records with starttime in future.
This results in a exception on indexing such pages...


15:14 Core Bug #66520 (New): Fatal when rendering categories that was removed
15:04 Core Bug #66519 (New): Nested category BE user rights result in visibility and usability issues in cat...
Category BE user rights are handled as mount points in the tree rendering.
Using categories for more than one fiel...
14:51 Core Bug #66209: ProcessedFile::setName checks existence for new objects
Patch in gerrit will follow.


11:00 Core Bug #66425: `DataMapFactory::resolveTableName()`: `$classNameParts` limited to 6
Apart from the possibility to remove the limitation, using a class name PostCommentAuthor in namespace Vendor\Extensi...


09:30 Core Task #58782 (Resolved): Add signal in ImportExportUtility for importer modifications
Applied in changeset commit:75f50dd7cd957ccfbe22aefdb33c02e7d51b5cb1.
09:19 Core Revision 75f50dd7: [TASK] Add a signal after importer init in ImportExportUtility
To be able to modify importer options on importing T3D-files on
extension installation (e.g. for distributions) this ...


11:37 Core Bug #66209 (New): ProcessedFile::setName checks existence for new objects
A type safe comparison in ProcessedFile::setName leads to the problem, that the existence for new object is checked.


13:32 Core Bug #66142 (New): Leftovers in referenceIndex after RteFileLinksUpdateWizard
Assume you have more than one link to the same file in the same RTE field.
You have equal count of referenceIndex en...


21:00 Core Task #59616 (Resolved): Import forces pid 0 if rootLevel = -1 is set in TCA
Applied in changeset commit:089417cb8dd9fb5b658647010b95f08c640615d9.

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