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09:00 TYPO3 Core Bug #28528 (Closed): inconsistency in class.t3lib_userauthgroup.php and tables.php
I searched for an option to sort multiple filemounts by title and checked #22070 and #20609.
Admin Tools > Configu...


13:59 TYPO3.Fluid Feature #6149: for: add iteration informations
Alexander Stehlik wrote:
> I attached a patch for this feature. Please let me know if there are any problems or if y...


19:10 TYPO3 Core Bug #21990: felogin ie8 session cookie
I'm using felogin 1.3.0 (Latest revision 6647 from
on a fresh Typo3 4.3.1
searching this...
17:35 TYPO3 Core Bug #21990: felogin ie8 session cookie
also check #11858


16:35 TYPO3 Core Bug #17591: <base> tag produces text selection problems in IE6
See: CSS-bugs with IE 6

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