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18:39 Advanced sitemaps Bug #72223 (New): Duplicate entry for key PRIMARY - in table tx_advancedsitemaps_configurations_r...

When a new record is added there is an insertion happening in table "tx_advancedsitemaps_configurations_records" wi...
13:09 TYPO3 Core Bug #72207 (Closed): Files missing in import/export
This is with reference to an old issue:
I tested this on a 6.2.15 setup.
13:05 TYPO3 Core Task #49227: Files missing in import/export
I tested this on a 6.2.15 setup.
We had 3 existing domains, we had to do a 4th domain, add content and do a t3d ex...


12:24 HTML-based Data Consumer Bug #72173 (New): The PAGE_STATUS marker appears as it is
This happens when the Data Structure is not empty.
The condition IF($this->structure['count'] == 0 && ...) should ...


12:04 jQuery Colorbox Feature #42352: Grouping certain photos not possible

We have had a similar issue, and had to make sure that this groups the photos. I made severe changes to the static/...


11:19 TYPO3 Core Bug #27735: Felogin redirection does not work after login
By the way, I forgot to inform that the patch attached is quite old! Almost 5 months, and the code has changed a lot ...
09:10 TYPO3 Core Bug #27735: Felogin redirection does not work after login
I could not check this issue recently, so cannot confirm 100%.
However, I do remember solving this kind of issue rece...


15:28 Language Selection Bug #31963 (Resolved): Not able to set a position for the default language.
plugin.tx_srlanguagemenu_pi1.languagesUidsList, can be used to sort the way for appearance of menu items in FE.


13:50 Advanced sitemaps Bug #30928 (Resolved): Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class tx_advancedsitemaps_tca
We can see the following error message when cache is cleared:
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class tx_advancedsitem...


10:51 Data Filter Bug #28703: Adds a single quote around mysql function

Indeed this is a good solution. I had however used this function directly within data query along with the SQL quer...

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