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00:11 TYPO3 Core Feature #16681: C style TypoScript comments with start and end in one line lead to errors
I can confirm this - I'm using PHP 5.2.6 with typo3 4.2.6
I couldn't figure out for quite a while why a section of...
Jacob Floyd


03:08 TYPO3 Core Feature #16232: support mysqli extension
oops. I don't think this should be major, sorry. Change if needed. Jacob Floyd
03:04 TYPO3 Core Feature #16232 (Closed): support mysqli extension
The install tool doesn't seem to recognize/use the mysqli extension when mysql is not installed.
Shouldn't the dba...
Jacob Floyd


02:45 TYPO3 Core Bug #16192: Timeout
For serverwide configuration change php.ini
If you want to extend the time limit for *just* the EM then place:
Jacob Floyd


18:07 TYPO3 Core Feature #16162 (Closed): Link to extension info from EM
I'd like a link to the info for the extensions shown in EM.
(issue imported from #M3523)
Jacob Floyd


04:40 TYPO3 Core Feature #14776: Ability to assign custom categories to downloaded extensions
This should probably be closed. I'll do a little research to see what TER2 is supposed to have, and then either post ... Jacob Floyd
00:43 TYPO3 Core Bug #14767: Quick Note expands improperly
I apologize for the (extremely) delayed feedback. I've got involved in some other projects and have been unable to ge... Jacob Floyd


02:10 TYPO3 Core Feature #14831 (Closed): Drag and Drop to move pages in page tree
That would be nice to be able to drag and drop entries in the page tree to put them where I want, instead of the curr... Jacob Floyd


02:57 TYPO3 Core Feature #14314: spamProtectEmailAddresses javascript not removable
spamProtectEmailAddress isn't the only one that doesn't have JS removed. Using a TMENU_LAYER, there is miscelaneous J... Jacob Floyd
02:33 TYPO3 Core Feature #14314: spamProtectEmailAddresses javascript not removable
This should not be a feature request. It is a bug, and should be labeled as such. I don't know whether it's in the co... Jacob Floyd

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