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15:54 TYPO3 Core Bug #75399: Extbase: Class/Table Mapping doesn't work sometimes
I have the same problem with one of my sites. I have some calls made via EID.
The script the "DataMapper" to map th...


09:26 TYPO3 Core Bug #87022 (Closed): Localization Utility use the full path for locallang files
In TYPO3 v9, the class "LocalizationUtility" has been totally rewritten and use now the full path to store cache in L...
09:12 SASS Compiler Bug #73424 (Rejected): Non-static method ConfigurationUtility::initialize()
Extension is deprecated
09:12 SASS Compiler Bug #75448 (Rejected): Update of an earlier version with define css_path makes TYPO3 crash.
Extension is deprecated
09:12 Recaptcha for form Feature #72248 (Rejected): TYPO3 7.6 LTS Compatibility
Extension require a full rebuild.
09:09 Address List Multilang Feature #80040 (Closed): Compatibility fix for TYPO3 8.6


05:22 TYPO3 Core Bug #82299: Records thumbnail are not croping correctly in backend lists
I need to do some tests with last version of 8.7.x
Last time, I got the problem with version 8.7.8


13:36 TYPO3 Core Bug #82299 (New): Records thumbnail are not croping correctly in backend lists
When an image is configured to be the thumbnail in TCA and have a cropArea defined with the Crop utility, BackendUtil...


08:17 Address List Multilang Feature #80040 (Under Review): Compatibility fix for TYPO3 8.6
I have not been able to create a repository on Gerrit for this project.
But I have uploaded the new version on TER...


18:03 Automatic base url Feature #78768 (Resolved): Update structure to TYPO3 standards

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