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15:21 TYPO3 Core Feature #5718: Implement File upload support
Hi everyone,
is there any update on backporting the FLOW3 ResourceManager to extbase?
Since the new property mapp...
Kevin Ulrich Moschallski


09:25 TYPO3 Core Bug #24910: Performance Bottleneck when having several RTE fields at one data-entry
Hi Andreas,
i can reproduce this with an FCE element with a section which contains an RTE. I have a customer with ...
Kevin Ulrich Moschallski


12:30 TYPO3 Core Bug #24660 (Closed): makeShortcutIcon() fails parse_url with REQUEST_URI
makeShortcutIcon() calls parse_url with REQUEST_URI as parameter. This fails because parse_ul only works with urls an... Kevin Ulrich Moschallski


12:21 TYPO3 Core Bug #12094: [Fluid] Ajax Widgets can't be used from within cachabele actions
+1 on this. I noticed this behaviour yesterday.
Do you have a patch for that?
Kevin Ulrich Moschallski


13:30 TYPO3 Core Bug #23912: taskcenter - wrongly created path for icon (in certain conditions)
+1 by reading and testing.
Can't find this issue in the core list, did you post it there?
Kevin Ulrich Moschallski
12:28 TYPO3 Core Bug #23912: taskcenter - wrongly created path for icon (in certain conditions)
which TYPO3 version does this patch belongs to?
Kevin Ulrich Moschallski


13:32 TYPO3 Core Bug #23933: stdWrap for fontFile attribute of GIFBUILDER
Related to #24090. Can be closed. Kevin Ulrich Moschallski


16:23 TYPO3 Core Feature #23987: Install Tool always unlocked when accessed via
i can't reproduce this with my local MAMP setup with TYPO3 4.4.4.
The install tool is locked even when acce...
Kevin Ulrich Moschallski
12:39 TYPO3 Core Bug #17960: Unsuccessful update of extension list not recognized
i think i found the problem:
in line 1723 of class.em_index.php the new md5hash file is written and in line...
Kevin Ulrich Moschallski


17:24 TYPO3 Core Bug #23980 (Accepted): Relations with MM_opposite_field don't update the relation count of opposite field
I use this config in TCA for symmetric relations between two tables:
Local side:
'config' => array(
Kevin Ulrich Moschallski

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