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15:19 TYPO3 Core Bug #23703: Wrong URLs are not redirected to a 404 page
Nope, still the same, even with TYPO3 4.5 and a fresh .htaccess, wether the one from 4.5 or the current trunk version.


10:23 TYPO3 Core Bug #48685 (Closed): FE User tstamp won't be updated on successful password change
A frontend user can reset his password via "Password forgot" feature. However this does not update the tstamp field s...


11:18 TYPO3 Core Feature #22515: Hookrequest - t3lib_parsehtml_proc::TS_links_rte()
Nope, this issue is still current. The hook would be awesome.


16:56 TYPO3 Core Bug #15122: compressed TCA not available with active BE session
Yes it does. Just checked it out with 4.5


17:37 TYPO3 Core Bug #45084 (Closed): Strange <//span> tag when copying from ms word document
Hi there
Within my ms word document i have a list which, when copying to typo3, gets malformed with strange <//tag...


17:05 Front End User Registration Bug #43925 (Resolved): Site crashes (500) if security token is clicked after more than 30 days
If you click on a confirmation link in your mail after 30 days, the site crashes (500 error).
Any ideas?


10:45 TYPO3 Core Bug #39467 (Closed): $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['GFX']['jpg_quality'] does not work with images in text/image elements
Using text/image content elements I insert some images, set width to 180 and activate popup/lightbox.
Images w...


19:56 TYPO3 Core Revision 5633b28a: [FEATURE] Enable TCEFORM.table.field.config.readOnly = 1
In t3lib_tceforms::t3lib_TCEforms() you have a whitelist
definition that allows tca field configuration
to be overrid...


11:21 TYPO3 Core Bug #38703 (Rejected): Publishing records with IRRE records -> lost relation
Within my own extension i have a record with an inline record (IRRE) which is versioning too.
Wether this relation...


17:30 TYPO3 Core Feature #36945 (Resolved): enable TCEFORM.table.field.config.readOnly = 1
Applied in changeset commit:1d3dbf1815fb3f966c4cbb289f37b1abf03c05cc.

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