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18:22 Core Feature #78912 (Under Review): Show warning when deleting an element which has references
When deleting a record which has references in the list module, a warning is shown to the user.
When attempting the ...


16:39 Server Team Wiki edit: Post-Mortem_2016-12-01-SOLR-Search-typo3org (#4)
15:13 Board (public) Task #78700: Update of the TOS for TYPO3.org and its services
Olivier, yes please. We have server team meeting tomorrow Friday, 4pm. Can we talk before? Either tonight or tomorrow...


12:03 Budget 2017 Community Manager: RE: Community Manager 2017
Agree with both Ric and Joey on all points.
00:59 Budget 2017 Expert Advisory Board (EAB): RE: Strategical EAB budget for unforeseen travel- and meeting costs.
Agree with you Ric, but this is not (no longer) my budget application... :-)


23:17 Budget 2017 T3 Customer Care: RE: Feel Good Managment / T3A Customer Care / Community Growth
Thanks for the clarification.


15:03 Budget 2017 T3CON 2017: RE: T3CON Proforma Budget
IMHO there should be a news to announce that a new organizer is needed. Would be a shame if T3CON won't happen in 201...
14:50 Budget 2017 T3 Extension News: RE: T3 Extension News 2017
Suggestion: Try to get a location which is sponsored and pay a bit more for the hotel rooms instead. Depends on the l...
14:46 Budget 2017 T3 Official Manual: RE: T3 Official Manual 2017
Such effort should be coordinated with the documentation team. I actually think that the budget should be assigned to...
14:38 Budget 2017 T3 Customer Care: RE: Feel Good Managment / T3A Customer Care / Community Growth
> This budget includes the development of a concept to ####Den Satz verstehe ich nicht####--> about the on bo...

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