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23:00 TYPO3 Core Feature #65791 (Resolved): Using PHP configured sendmail paths, if [MAIL][transport] = sendmail is active
Applied in changeset commit:637ebea6122adf388efb9a06cd3156b7b9ad926b. Romain Leleu
22:59 TYPO3 Core Revision 637ebea6: [FEATURE] Retrieve sendmail command from PHP configuration
The install tool setting [MAIL][transport_sendmail_command] is now retrieved
from PHP configuration sendmail_path dur...
Romain Leleu


13:00 TYPO3 Core Bug #66728 (Resolved): Make Uri/ImageViewHelper compilable
Applied in changeset commit:5e015b36a931358f1a800ec02187eb33ce3b2bbb. Romain Leleu
12:34 TYPO3 Core Revision 5e015b36: [TASK] Make Uri/ImageViewHelper compilable
The Uri/ImageViewHelper is now compilable.
Resolves: #66728
Releases: master
Change-Id: I271136f5dfe8b3187d6ed524148...
Romain Leleu


18:34 TYPO3 Core Bug #42158 (Resolved): Menu/Sitemap for "recently updated pages" shows pages not yet published live
Applied in changeset commit:2b9d49be560adeec948cac639dd5eb6d34595f97. Romain Leleu
18:33 TYPO3 Core Revision 2b9d49be: [BUGFIX] SYS_LASTCHANGED is only updated if page is viewed in live or no
The SYS_LASTCHANGED field was updated whenever which workspace was loaded,
leading to SYS_LASTCHANGED bein...
Romain Leleu


20:03 TYPO3 Core Task #55297: Cleanup ContentObject\ContentObjectRenderer
I tried to implement your suggest but can't see any improvement; maybe I missed something.
You can see profiling b...
Romain Leleu
17:25 TYPO3 Core Task #55297 (In Progress): Cleanup ContentObject\ContentObjectRenderer
Romain Leleu
13:20 TYPO3 Core Task #66731: Make about/ViewHelpers/SkinImageViewHelper compilable
I think we need to refactor a lot of things in AbstractTagBasedViewHelper and the way arguments of the tags are handl... Romain Leleu


18:31 TYPO3 Core Feature #33071 (Resolved): Add the http header "Content-Language" when rendering a page
Applied in changeset commit:7df807628fc9d4fffb746c1d8aead07b6b2dff56. Romain Leleu

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