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11:02 Calendar Base Bug #61789: general ics download doesn't work
I have ICS view selected in the plugin and if the Classic template is used, the ICS link at the bottom of the calenda...


14:11 Bug #69610 (Closed): ERROR: certificate common name `' doesn't match reques...
Using @wget --content-disposition@ fails with the following error:
--2015-09-08 15:04:41-- http...


20:20 Language Selection Bug #65991 (Resolved): Fatal error missing zh_CN flag
Copying Resources/Public/Images/Flags/zh.png to Resources/Public/Images/Flags/zh_CN.png resolves the problem.
The ...


23:35 Shopping Cart for TYPO3 Bug #64346 (Needs Feedback): Currency symbol shows after prices even when plugin.wtcart.main.curr...
Prices displayed in the wt_cart plugin have the currency symbol after the value in the table of items in the shopping...


00:14 Shopping Cart for TYPO3 Bug #64325 (In Progress): Wrong prefixId and scriptRelPath in tx_wtcart_pi2
The submit button for the wt_cart: Add product to cart plugin does not show the correct localized text because the fo...


20:26 Useful tasks in scheduler module Feature #60736 (Rejected): Remove old backups
It would be nice if the backup script included a feature to remove older backups.
20:13 Useful tasks in scheduler module Bug #60735: Backup script needs updating for TYPO3 6.x has some helpful info for getting TYPO3 datab...
20:09 Useful tasks in scheduler module Bug #60735 (Resolved): Backup script needs updating for TYPO3 6.x
The backup script /sh/ looks for typo3conf/localconf.php to use the database settings. In TYPO3 ...


01:37 KIWI Popup Bug #60692 (New): Deprecated function replacement
Replace line 70 of pi1/class.tx_kiwipopup_pi1_wizicon.php:
$LOCAL_LANG = t3lib_div::readLLXMLfile($llFile, $GLOBAL...
01:22 KIWI Popup Bug #60691 (New): Replace require_once(PATH_tslib . 'class.tslib_pibase.php')
To work in TYPO3 CMS 6.2 the extension requires the same fix as in
Every Kic...

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