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14:52 Core Task #78745: Get rid of localizationMode of TCA type inline
Shouldn't the @InlineControlContainer@ accommodate the @l10n_...@ options of TCA column configurations before @config...


11:29 Core Bug #80311: IRRE shows default + translated records
Georg Ringer wrote:
> I don't know if those notes help:
> @\TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Form\FormDataProvider\TcaInlineCo...


09:29 Core Task #79942: Move version selector view to EXT:compatibility7
Would somebody mind to put some information here?


18:27 Core Bug #73609: Creating IRRE child element without language of parent element
Ralf Merz wrote:
> in FormInlineAjaxController after line 132, I added this one (mostly copied from synchronizeLocal...


17:39 Core Bug #59192: mergeIfNotBlank with FAL records
@mergeIfNotBlank@ can't work properly with relations: otherwise there would be no way to remove all relations (of one...


17:44 Core Bug #71973: Sorting of file relations doesn't have any effect in a workspace
Alexander Opitz wrote:
> IMHO this sorting issue was resolved in recent TYPO3 updates.
No, that issue still exist...


10:44 automaketemplate Task #65748: Official support Typo3 7.x
A new version (7.0.0) which supports 7.6 LTS has already been released in "TER":


17:09 Core Bug #66449: Accessing backend module without selected page in pagetree
Suggested solution (like in #37611): select parent page via JS when current page is deleted.


00:00 Core Bug #51031 (Resolved): Not appropriate check for data type in Redis caching backend
Applied in changeset commit:ec003b3e949d34037928d545037a7159aa62ff4f.


23:59 Core Revision ec003b3e: [BUGFIX] Loosen type check of Redis identifiers and tags
RedisBackend denies identifiers and tags allowed in all other
implementations of caching backends. This change allows...

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