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13:35 Core Bug #82157: Datepicker not shown in IE11 and Edge
TYPO3 version is 8.7.3, you are right, this seems to be fixed, I have checked the source, but with the referenced iss...
12:35 Core Bug #82157 (Closed): Datepicker not shown in IE11 and Edge
The Datepicker is not opened in IE11 and Microsoft Edge.
I found out that the javascript in "DateTimePicker.js in ...
12:23 t3ddy - Super cute tabs and accordions Bug #82156 (New): Styles not loaded correctly
The stylesheets are not loaded correctly under TYPO3 8.7.
In "PageRenderer Hook on Line 69":


10:49 Core Bug #81903: DatabaseRecordLinkBuilder is ignoring other settings
I think this are different bugs.
I applied the patch but the ATagParams is ignored again. The solution of #81620 d...
10:00 Core Bug #81903 (New): DatabaseRecordLinkBuilder is ignoring other settings
The DatabaseRecordLinkBuilder is ignoring other settings make via typoscript.
So for example the ATagParams settin...


14:58 Core Bug #76165 (Closed): Checkboxes in sys_category for parent are not working anymore
In TYPO3 CMS 6.2.22 the checkboxes for parent in sys_category are not working anymore.
When I create a new categor...


13:12 Core Bug #21989: In a extension with RTE field a clickenlarge image doesn't work with own image dir
I don't have tested this again. From my side this issue can be closed because its almost 5 years ago.
I can't remi...


12:40 Grid Elements Bug #69350 (Resolved): web_list CSV export of relations
In the Xclass of DatabaseRecordList the part for getProcessedValueExtras for csvOutput was removed.
So as example ...


12:00 Core Bug #67848 (Resolved): Cannot update core from Install Tool
The TYPO3 Update doesn't work becaue the version matrix for Version 7 is not complain with previous versions.
If y...


13:09 Core Bug #67693 (Closed): Switch active/deactive for backend user doesn't work in list-view
If I use the switch button to enable/disable backend users from the list view in 7.3.0 I got an exception:...

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