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06:28 powermail Bug #78926: No fields sent for translated forms after double optin confirmation
Happens with 'config.sys_language_mode = strict' set, otherwise works fine.
I guess issue duplicates: 62920
04:23 powermail Bug #78926 (Rejected): No fields sent for translated forms after double optin confirmation
1. Translated form on translated page the Double Opt-In activated
2. clicking the confirmation link in the e-mail se...


22:12 Core Bug #24911: Search term gets changed in search results quick list
Confirming. Works correctly in 7.6 LTS.


22:50 Core Bug #72900 (Resolved): Focus changes after manual selection as the RTE loads
It is been there for years and it's still annoying the hell out of a daily user :)
1. opening up a content element...


13:18 Core Bug #69941: slide of cObject CONTENT don't work properly
Still present in 7.6 LTS.
Was trying to get ext:ad_contentslide to work with the 7.6 LTS but out of luck for the very...
11:36 Grid Elements Task #72807 (Resolved): Missing custom content type icons in page module
With gridelements installed custom CE type icon in page module is not shown.
It just shows default "mimetypes-x-con...


16:03 Grid Elements Bug #72792 (Resolved): Adding content after has no CE type
It seems that if I add new content in the same column using the content after buttons it looses CS types, and can't s...


21:18 Core Bug #67661: RTE: copy and paste within RTE leads twice content input
I do get the double paste error with Chrome. Plain text first and formatted following it. Version 47 OS X
Safari past...


14:54 MOVED TO https://github.com/georgringer/news Bug #63129 (Rejected): Wrong list items count with hidden translations
10 articles for example. All articles have translations but one of them is hidden.
Default language shows 9 articl...


14:35 MOVED TO https://github.com/georgringer/news Bug #57021: FAL media files in translated news records don't work
Using sys_language_mode = strict FAL images in translations aren't showing up.
TYPO3 6.2.6 and News 3.0.1.

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