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06:28 powermail Bug #78926: No fields sent for translated forms after double optin confirmation
Happens with 'config.sys_language_mode = strict' set, otherwise works fine.
I guess issue duplicates: 62920
04:23 powermail Bug #78926 (Rejected): No fields sent for translated forms after double optin confirmation
1. Translated form on translated page the Double Opt-In activated
2. clicking the confirmation link in the e-mail se...


22:12 Core Bug #24911: Search term gets changed in search results quick list
Confirming. Works correctly in 7.6 LTS.


22:50 Core Bug #72900 (Resolved): Focus changes after manual selection as the RTE loads
It is been there for years and it's still annoying the hell out of a daily user :)
1. opening up a content element...


13:18 Core Bug #69941: slide of cObject CONTENT don't work properly
Still present in 7.6 LTS.
Was trying to get ext:ad_contentslide to work with the 7.6 LTS but out of luck for the very...
11:36 Grid Elements Task #72807 (Resolved): Missing custom content type icons in page module
With gridelements installed custom CE type icon in page module is not shown.
It just shows default "mimetypes-x-con...


16:03 Grid Elements Bug #72792 (Resolved): Adding content after has no CE type
It seems that if I add new content in the same column using the content after buttons it looses CS types, and can't s...


21:18 Core Bug #67661: RTE: copy and paste within RTE leads twice content input
I do get the double paste error with Chrome. Plain text first and formatted following it. Version 47 OS X
Safari past...


18:55 Grid Elements Support #61337: Special menus / Section index doesnt show content from gridelements containers
Ah, indeed, to me it seemed that columns should have nothing to do with the content index by default.
Anyways your...


12:43 Core Bug #49646: Validating the security token of this form has failed. when add 46 images at once in ...
The issue is still there with TYPO3 6.2 and appends on bulk editing what so ever. Opening up multiple pages or conten...

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