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16:10 Core Bug #60998 (Resolved): PageRepository::shouldFieldBeOverlaid raises PHP warning
With TYPO3 6.2.4, the sys_log shows a lot of PHP warnings:...


13:10 crawler Bug #60232 (Closed): Test output in class tx_crawler_domain_process_repository


14:55 crawler Bug #60207 (Under Review): Cannot create new task in scheduler due to installation of crawler 3.6dev
Hi Christian,
thanks for reporting this issue.
We've (temporarily) created a new branch fixing the scheduler ta...
14:45 crawler Bug #60232 (Resolved): Test output in class tx_crawler_domain_process_repository
Hi Christian,
thanks for pointing this out!
The debugging code has been removed with


13:31 PHPUnit Bug #54898 (Resolved): Database_TestCase incompatible with upcoming TYPO3 6.2
Applied in changeset commit:5a8c0345f2af068cb4cc608f71ddcffe13ca5d0e.
13:18 PHPUnit Revision 5a8c0345: [BUGFIX] Database_TestCase incompatible with TYPO3 6.x
With TYPO3 6.1, importStdDb() does not work as intended, as
t3lib/stddb/tables.sql does not exist anymore causing the...


23:30 Core Bug #54925 (Resolved): Disabled users show up in workflow notification popup
Applied in changeset commit:795fa7f5d6ba36368ae350349bb9982562679c29.
22:45 Core Revision 795fa7f5: [BUGFIX] Disabled backend users shown for workspace stage change
On changing the stage of a workspace version, an accordant
dialog is shown with recipients to be informed about this


11:42 Grid Elements Major Feature #50800: Localization of new child elements in existing grids
we also stumbled upon this issue and I've written a short patch to update the container ID when translating...


15:41 Grid Elements Bug #57901 (Resolved): Exception on copy/paste in list module
As an editor (a non-admin user)
when trying to copy/paste child elements inside a container in the list module
an e...

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