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18:44 Core Bug #79370: PagePositionMap::onClickEvent needs to be more dynamic to act as a proper hook
I have just seen, that this has already been fixed in TYPO3 8. If no backport is planned, please just close this ticket.
14:04 Core Bug #79370 (New): PagePositionMap::onClickEvent needs to be more dynamic to act as a proper hook


16:43 Core Bug #79101 (Under Review): InvalidPointerFieldValueException needs to be caught
@\TYPO3\CMS\Core\Configuration\FlexForm\FlexFormTools::getDataStructureIdentifierFromRecord@ tries to resolve the dat...


18:18 Core Bug #78158 (New): TcaFlexFetch::initializeDataStructure should not throw an exception
When using TemplaVoilà the pages records get an additional field tx_templavoila_flex, which is by default c...


08:11 Core Bug #57272: Extbase doesn't handle FAL translations correctly
Jan Kiesewetter wrote:
> Does your stand behind the techniques Extbase and FAL + multi language?
I can't speak fo...


15:46 Core Bug #75370 (Resolved): OutOfBoundsException in LocalDriver.php introduced a regression.
@OutOfBoundsException thrown in file typo3_src/typo3...


19:40 Core Bug #75263 (Resolved): ImportantActions::setNewEncryptionKeyAndLogOut is broken
@Call to a member function get() on null in TYPO3\CMS\Install\Controller\Action\Tool\ImportantActions::setNewEncrypti...


10:27 Core Feature #73357 (Under Review): Make thumbnail size in file browser configurable
Currently the thumbnail size is set to 64x64px. This should be configurable.
10:21 Core Bug #73355 (New): Respect allowed file extensions during file searches in file browser
When using the file browser for selecting files and searching for a file name, the allowed file extensions aren't con...


14:09 Core Bug #73032 (Resolved): File search causes memory leaks with too many files
During the file search in the file module the search result is only limited to possibly matching folders. That itself...

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