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13:29 TYPO3 Core Bug #83682 (Closed): Duplicated "Copy" and "Cut" buttons in backend filelist modul
If you have enabled the "Extended view" and "Show clipboard" (with "Normal (single record mode")) option in the filel...


10:03 TYPO3 Core Bug #82032: Copying page containing tt_content irre elements causes error
I still can reproduce the behaviour with TYPO3 8.7.9 and Gridelements 8.0.0
But only as an editor, not as admin.


21:18 TYPO3 Core Feature #78598: Expand save buttons on large screens
In my opinion, this should be a core feature. The two clicks are really annoying and this looks like a nice compromis...


13:49 Grid Elements Bug #83310: Correct moving translated children within gridelements-container with "all"-language
It happens in following scenario.
Multi column grid with language "All" (-1), which have translated content-elemen...


08:30 File List Bug #80787 (Resolved): PHP Compatibility in Composer
Applied in changeset commit:2935a9c63ea63e90e7153fed842b7bdef9ea6da2.
08:16 File List Revision 2935a9c6: [TASK] Raise PHP compatibility to 7.1.99
Change-Id: I9272e6ae6dc92b48ef6b7e8c8d81ac5b1f9b4586
Resolves: #80787


15:26 File List Bug #80787 (Closed): PHP Compatibility in Composer
Please update the require of PHP in composer.json to be compatible with PHP 7.1.x
"php": ">= 5.5.0, <= 7.1.99",


17:17 t3ddy - Super cute tabs and accordions Bug #78708 (Resolved): Copy a T3ddy-Container add unwanted "New Items"
Copy a entire accordion or tabs which is filled with some content elements will add some unwanted new tab-items "New ...


13:32 TYPO3 Core Bug #71624: Multiple RTEs behave incorrect, especially textstyle
It work in my case with the newest rtehtmlarea from TYPO3 Github 7.6 branch. Can not say if it was fixed by https://r...


13:26 TYPO3 Core Bug #70154: Extbase 'sorting' l10nmode
Same problem here. We have translated sys_categories. The default sorting is not present, although there are sorting ...

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