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Extbase 'sorting' l10nmode

Added by Marc Hirdes over 4 years ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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When I use in the TCA ctrl-section of an item

'sortby' => 'sprting'

the translated items are on the same position as the default ones in the backend. But in the frontend the order is wrong.
When I add

protected $defaultOrderings = array(
        'sorting' => \TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Persistence\QueryInterface::ORDER_ASCENDING,

in the repository the sorting worsk correct in the default language. But in another language the sorting is wrong. The problem is, that the sorting in the translated language is another number than in the default language, but it has to be the same because you can't move only the translated language. I hope you can understand the problem.

28-09-_2015_14-02-33.png View (71.5 KB) Marc Hirdes, 2015-09-28 14:03

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Related to TYPO3 Core - Bug #72988: losing Localization when moving elements (Typo 7.6.2) Closed 2016-01-28


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#3 Updated by Stephan Brun about 4 years ago

Same problem here. We have translated sys_categories. The default sorting is not present, although there are sorting arrows in the backend. After fix the defaultOrderings in the repository, the localized records get messed up, because they have their own sorting value This doesn't make sense because it is not possible to sort them separatly in the backend.

Tested with 6.2.19 and 7.6.4

At this time we have a workaround with hooks on processDataMap (update,insert,move) which override the sorting on translated records with the sorting of the default language. Not a nice solution, but it works.

#4 Updated by Ralf Merz almost 4 years ago


we have the same problem here. No possibility to change the sorting value of localized records. If we move the (default) records, the values of the localizations do not get updated. So the order in the frontend is wrong.

@Stephan: Could you please provide the code of your workaround?

Thanks and regards

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are there any news about the sorting problem?

Thank you very much and regards,

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Same here, still not fixed with 8.7

#9 Updated by Julian Hofmann almost 2 years ago

Manual workaround:
Disable "Localization view" and sort translation records below theirs parent.
Repeat this each time you're adding/moving a record.

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#11 Updated by Alexander Grein 4 months ago

Problem still exist under 9.5.13

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