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17:27 Metadata and content analysis service Feature #78335 (Needs Feedback): Ability to synchronize existing file meta-data with the FAL
This extension is great but, based on my observations, it is only working when files are uploaded, using the FileUplo...


18:06 TYPO3 Core Bug #72273 (Closed): In 6.2.16, publishing a deleted page containing a moved subpage will delete the whole web site!
Publishing a deleted page from a workspace may recursively delete the whole website. This happens if the deleted page...


22:22 TYPO3 Core Bug #57568: Unable to select DB Mount in sys_action "create backend user"
We solved this problem in our environment (TYPO3 6.2.11). In addition to the problem with the function JSCode() as re...


23:32 Table Cleaner Bug #54711: No tables available
Now that the old mysql interface is not even supported anymore in recent PHP versions, it would be nice to implement ...
22:05 Table Cleaner Bug #65112 (New): Use of deprecated function setRespectEnableFields() is not compatible to 6.2+
In TYPO3 6.2 backend, the table cleaner module at v2.5.0 shows this error:
@Fatal error: Call to undefined method ...


21:20 TYPO3 Core Bug #34308: With "virtual page-root" review-grid needs restriction to mountpoints
This patch should be applied to TYPO3 4.5 too as the same problem happens even if the virtual root is not there. Inde...

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