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13:37 TYPO3 Core Bug #94676 (Closed): starttime/endtime is set automatically in 10.4.18 in serveral extensions
With 10.4.18 starttime and endtime is set automatically in e.g. powermail and cart_events and can not be deleted. A d...


08:48 TYPO3 Core Bug #94336 (New): data = TSFE:fe_user|user|xxx is showing data of user logged in first for every other user
I have tried to get fe_user data in the fontend with something like
temp.lastname = TEXT = TSF...


14:56 TYPO3 Core Bug #87215 (Closed): Mouseover Infobox in page tree shows incorrectly formatted quotation marks (")
If another user is editing a page a infobox is shown on mouseover. It shows the name of the user in quotation marks. ...


13:33 TYPO3 Core Bug #86810: After Upgrade Wizard: Add the default Extension Manager database tables - Reports Update Incomplete
I can confirm the first issue. I have updated an 8.7 version and get the same message.


14:58 TYPO3 Core Bug #86684: "No pseudo-site found in root line of page" when copying records from one sysfolder to another
I can confirm that. It is not possible to copy or move news articles.
Not working in 9.5.0 and 9.5.1 with these err...


12:25 TYPO3 Core Bug #86763: Backend Layout Slide not working in FLUIDTEMPLATE Variables after Upgrade to 9.5.0
I had the same problem with 9.5.0.
I've changed the Typoscript:
belayout = TEXT = levelfield:-2, b...


14:46 TYPO3 Core Bug #85547: Extension Manager not working after update to 8.7.17
The »System Environment« (Install Tool) shows:
open_basedir = /var/www/clients/client3/web566/web:/var/www/clients/c...
10:48 TYPO3 Core Bug #85547 (Closed): Extension Manager not working after update to 8.7.17
Extension manager throws warning and a fatal error.
Warning: Uncaught TYPO3\CMS\Core\Error\Exception: PHP Warning:...


14:13 TYPO3 Core Bug #80818: target _blank not working on external url
The same problem. "External URL" pages can not be set to open width target="_blank" via page properties. The target i...


09:44 t3s_jslidernews Bug #46811: Problem, with TYPO3 6.0.4 and t3s_jslidernews Version 4.2.4
Same problem with TYPO3 6.1.0 and t3s_jslidernews 4.2.4 ( fixed). Marker ###IMAGE#...

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