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01:04 TYPO3 Core Feature #16864: Function pi_wrapInBaseClass in tslib/class.tslib_pibase.php
Since we cannot do this per-extension, I uploaded a patch to disable this globally. Use config.disableBaseClassWrap =...


09:29 TYPO3 Core Bug #16573: The Image pagecontent looks wrong in MISE
I guess this was not a TYPO3 bug then.
09:24 TYPO3 Core Bug #16567: When adding more than 30 checkboxes on the TCA, the values don't get recorded.
This restriction is due to checkboxes being set via a bitmask, and the upper limit for an integer is 32bit, so more t...


11:27 TYPO3 Core Bug #16150: Allowed memory size exhausted
So is there anything TYPO3 can do about this? It looks like the dump from MySQL 5 was just wrong, is this correct?


13:38 TYPO3 Core Bug #15967: TYPO3 Vulnerabilities by sending a special formated post resquest at backend login form
These backdoors are there on purpose. You didn't expect us to give TYPO3 away for free without them!


10:32 TYPO3 Core Bug #15791: foreach error when installing adodb
Oops, this should probably be in TER2 bugs, right?
10:31 TYPO3 Core Bug #15792 (Closed): adodb should be non-shy (or dbal should be shy)
Whenever a user tries to install dbal, a dependency error is thrown relating to adodb, but since adodb is shy, some u...
10:27 TYPO3 Core Bug #15791 (Closed): foreach error when installing adodb
When installing adodb, a foreach error is thrown, relating to the suggestions array.
A simple is_array check avoi...


10:38 TYPO3 Core Bug #15548: Issues with disableImgBorderAttr
Fixed in CVS, docs still todo.


21:23 TYPO3 Core Bug #15566: Typo in Help > About > Copyright © 1998-2005 should be 2006
fixed in CVS

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