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22:24 Core Feature #80126: EXT:form - maximum field length not set as attribute "maxlength"
I've created a patch that resolves this regression which is not tangled up with new HTML5 input field types. Besides ...


11:58 Core Bug #79608: Wrong handling with html tags in EXT:form
Another issue with any < or > in form names is discussed in more #80343.
11:54 Core Bug #80343: EXT:form - HTML double-encoding of form name in "form tree" (BE)
After saving the form the < character has disappeared from the form name. Both characters have disappeared from the p...
11:48 Core Bug #80343 (Closed): EXT:form - HTML double-encoding of form name in "form tree" (BE)
The form name may contain "greater/less than" characters, but unlike page and field names the rendering is broken in ...
11:37 Core Task #79445: EXT:form - add help text to form wizard
The odd thing now is the "simple" way helps you in no way. OTOH the so called "advanced" way does nothing more than p...


20:29 Core Feature #80130: EXT:form - support for HTML5 attribute "pattern"
Just to avoid confusion: the regexp of pattern attribute will be matched against the complete value. Eg a contents of...
19:34 Core Feature #80236: EXT:form - form should transport additional parameters
Patch set 5 adds:
* f:form -> action
* f:form -> enctype
* f:form -> method
12:31 Core Feature #80124: EXT:form - custom error message for regexp validator
This feature request is about the form editor not about predefined forms. See first sentence of description.
The p...


22:02 Core Feature #80196: EXT:form - row element
Gerrit Code Review wrote:
> Patch set 10 for branch *master* of project *Packages/TYPO3.CMS* has been pushed to the ...


19:09 Core Feature #80194: EXT:form - rename "page" to "step"
Why delay the change to 9.0? The less changes for editors in the UI the better.

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