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19:42 TYPO3 Core Task #99811: Prefer browser tooltips over bootstrap tooltips
Abusing the title attribute as "tooltips" is an accessibility no-go.
Generally speaking tooltips are a UX problem ...
Martin Kutschker


19:54 TYPO3 Core Feature #93832: Allow arbitrary attributes on script tag
I don't know.
The idea of this ticket is that TYPO3 stays forward compatible if arbitary attributes can be set. Wh...
Martin Kutschker


13:25 TYPO3 Core Feature #97991 (New): Allow unset variables in site configuration
I had a site config with @%env(ENV_NAME_AS_SUFFIX)%@ and we thought we could define the env only when ...
Martin Kutschker


08:55 TYPO3 Core Bug #95513: SQL error: 'Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'grade' at row 1'
I'd appreciate if the Core would run flawless with strict mode turned on.
Sidenote: using empty() in code should r...
Martin Kutschker


07:51 TYPO3 Core Bug #93826: Role "img" requires an acceessible name
I found out that there was in fact a reason to add role="img" to SVGs, despite that this is generally considered bad ... Martin Kutschker


18:19 TYPO3 Core Task #95098: Modals use semantically wrong declaration
Abusing semantic markup for styling is an absolute no-go when the BE ever should become accessible. Martin Kutschker


08:34 TYPO3 Core Feature #93983: Integrator support: Handling of incorrect filename for typoscript setups
Yet another file system hit just for the sake of catching typos.
The BE has already some tools that check the inst...
Martin Kutschker


18:33 TYPO3 Core Feature #93981: Google webp and Apple heic/heif support for TYPO3 - Make default targetfileextensions for processed images configurable
No WebP support on macOS 10. I have no idea if that system is supported for the upcoming v11.
Another contender is...
Martin Kutschker


16:11 TYPO3 Core Bug #93680: wrong handling of utf8 of fal filenames when importing youtube videos
Is the DB set to use utf8_mb4?
With the older mb3 none of the emojis can be saved. The reason is that mb3 does NOT...
Martin Kutschker
16:08 TYPO3 Core Task #93815: Renaming of "master" branch into "main" branch
Please don't. Without any "slave" around, "master" has many meanings that do not revolve the idea of slavery.
Martin Kutschker

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