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15:51 TYPO3 Core Bug #64944 (Rejected): Translated elements in Workspace are not displayed
* 6.2.9
* Workspace
1. Content elements of a page are translated (Fluid content element "accordion" and "column r...
15:35 TYPO3 Core Bug #64941 (Closed): Display of translation after copying a page in workspace
* 6.2.9
* Workspace
* Page was copied (default language: german, translated to: english)
The following problem a...
15:16 TYPO3 Core Bug #64939 (Closed): Copying a translated page in Workspace duplicates the first content element
* 6.2.9
* Workspace
If you copy a page which is translated, the copy of the default language is ok, but the first...


14:04 TYPO3 Core Bug #64590 (Closed): Replacing an image in Workspace leads to Error Message
* 6.2.9
* Workspace
If you replace an existing image by a new image in tx_news, the news can't be shown.
12:47 TYPO3 Core Bug #64584 (Closed): Icons don't appear on mouse-over
Icons for editing a content element don't appear on mouse-over

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