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11:56 TYPO3 Core Bug #82235 (New): CObject Viewhelper with image object as data attribute leads to flodding of typ...
Hi there
There is an issue with cObject Viewhelper and image filereferences as data attribute, wether it's v7 or v...


22:31 Direct Mail Bug #66506 (Resolved): Fatal Error in DirectMailUtility::getCharacterSetOfPage
Applied in changeset commit:d409a6bec418d36de6042b3cc3261371a028e8a3.
22:31 Direct Mail 1.00 hour (Bug #66506 (Resolved): Fatal Error in DirectMailUtility::getCharacterSetOfPage)
Applied in changeset commit:d409a6bec418d36de6042b3cc3261371a028e8a3.
22:15 Direct Mail Revision d409a6be: [BUGFIX] Fatal Error in DirectMailUtility::getCharacterSetOfPage
Currently the typoscript of the root page will be used for
charset detection. If there is no template you get a fatai...


01:56 Direct Mail Bug #66506 (Resolved): Fatal Error in DirectMailUtility::getCharacterSetOfPage
DirectMailUtility::getCharacterSetOfPage tries to get the rootline of the fetched page and then the root page for the...


20:39 TYPO3 Core Bug #26484: extend to subpages in page properties in access tab does not work correctly
Bug still exists in 6.2.12. I'm on it...

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