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08:03 TYPO3 Core Bug #102185: Can't login to typo3 backend on safari
Stefan Bürk wrote in #note-1:
> Have you verified that with another Browser ?
> There is already an issue for ...
Łukasz Uznański


14:17 TYPO3 Core Bug #96391: Error with File storage tree when using filter
I can't reproduce this issue on current main v13. Looks like code in TreeController is a bit different now. Ar...
Łukasz Uznański
13:23 TYPO3 Core Bug #98117: selectIcon has wrong file path with /fileadmin/..
Can't confirm with current main. Łukasz Uznański
13:18 TYPO3 Core Bug #97317: Duplicates when pages are copied
Do you know what steps I can follow to reproduce this issue? Can't reproduce on current main Łukasz Uznański
12:49 TYPO3 Core Bug #100794: Cannot edit Typoscript constants & setup with Safari
Can't confirm with current 12.4.7 and safari. Works correctly. Łukasz Uznański
10:51 TYPO3 Core Bug #102185 (Needs Feedback): Can't login to typo3 backend on safari
I can't login to typo3 backend on current main, v13 dev version.
It says that my login or password is incorrect, ...
Łukasz Uznański


14:46 TYPO3 Core Bug #98037: Problem with renaming folders
Can't reproduce this issue on v13. I created very deep structure, but renaming is working without any problems. Maybe... Łukasz Uznański
08:01 TYPO3 Core Bug #75689: Create a bookmark after delete a bookmark is blocked
Can confirm this issue on v13 Łukasz Uznański


15:55 TYPO3 Core Bug #97515: filemtime() of FileSessionHandler.php should be silent
Is muting @filemtime@ call a preferred solution? Łukasz Uznański


10:12 TYPO3 Core Bug #99721: Editor user: not possible to create new folders
Question is - should we fix it for v12? In v13 this setting is not used anymore. Łukasz Uznański

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