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12:28 Grid Elements (former official tracker) - now moved to Gitlab! Bug #86185: BE JS in 9.4
I can confirm that the patch fixes the problem.
After applying the context menu can be opened again.


13:14 Grid Elements (former official tracker) - now moved to Gitlab! Bug #86672: Typscript BackendLayout config - allowed.tx_gridelements_backend_layout is ignored
I can confirm this error in the "New Content Element Wizard" and with "Drag & Drop", but the "Editing Form" works lik...


09:00 TYPO3 Core Task #20051 (Resolved): Support the "canonical" tag
Applied in changeset commit:5842b5093cc2ec27ce61b9db6fd1504d173b6ee7.
08:57 TYPO3 Core Revision 5842b509: [FEATURE] Add support for the "canonical" tag
TYPO3 will now out-of-the box create the canonical tag if you have
installed the core extension SEO. The canonical ta...


11:39 TYPO3 Core Task #86312 (New): Blinding "file" in "blindLinkOptions" moves "page" to the end
When blinding the "file" tab in link popup via "blindLinkOptions" the page tab gets moved to the end of the tabs.


12:10 TYPO3 Core Bug #86181 (Closed): Translation in the localisation overview creates pages instead of translations.
Prerequisite: A system with two (probably more) languages.
# Create a few pages in the default language.
# Open ...


00:30 TYPO3 Core Feature #75806 (Resolved): Add hreflang support
Applied in changeset commit:ec45b2692f9437197bf388ec382464252bb72a51.
00:03 TYPO3 Core Revision ec45b269: [FEATURE] Add hreflang support
This feature adds an hreflang tag for multilanguage-websites (one-tree)
automatically, based on the new LanguageMenuP...


18:05 TYPO3 Core Bug #85867 (Closed): @import in addPageTSConfig does not work correctly
There seems to be a problem with the new import syntax (in the current dev-master) if you use it in ext_localconf.php...


16:47 TYPO3 Core Bug #81620 (Closed): Linkhandler remove all attributes set in the link wizard and the template
*My configuration*
I am using version TYPO3 CMS 8.7.1 and the linkhandler from core.
I have a template like thi...

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