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11:47 Core Bug #78988 (Resolved): Fluid: Included jquery libs has expired https certificate
Static include file from "Fluid: (Optional) default ajax configuration (fluid)" has expired SSL certificate.


14:45 Core Feature #78425 (New): In BE show name and uid of links in e.g. header_link in stead of only uid
When you make a link to another page in tt_content - header_link field, it is shown as the uid of that page (7.6).


10:50 Core Feature #77685 (New): Create a save and open copy button when saving a content element
Would be great to have an option to save current CE and open a copy of that content element with one button.


11:33 Core Feature #77268 (New): Leaving edit by clicking in page tree does not show a warning
Especially new editors are exploring TYPO3.
We regularly see editors make changes in for example a content field....
11:30 Core Feature #77267 (New): Warning message when closing edit of content without saving for RTE field
When closing an edited CE element without saving of regular fields, a warning message shows.
When closing an edite...


16:14 forum.typo3.org Bug #53878: Missing endslash equals wrong topic id
Thanks Tim, Bastian for quick fix.


10:03 TSconfig Task #49395: Set the default value of "clickTitleMode" to edit
Please add documentation with:
mod.web_list {
## add dummy value to clickTitleMode to force old default behav...


09:53 Core Bug #42855: extended view, clipboard and localization view not work
original #42812


08:26 Core Bug #42476: pageTSconfig: mod.web_layout.menu.function.3=0 does not work
Hi Felix,
thanks for feedback. You are right. It works.


14:08 Core Bug #42476 (Closed): pageTSconfig: mod.web_layout.menu.function.3=0 does not work
pageTScofig mod.web_layout.menu.function.3=0 does not work in TYPO3 4.7
(disable page information in pagemodule)

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