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09:17 TYPO3 Core Task #95327 (Under Review): Push PackageManager to ExtensionManagementUtility in bootstrap
08:50 TYPO3 Core Bug #95325 (Resolved): Checkbox visible for disabled items in columns selector
Applied in changeset commit:a16e564364e31484f4886d62b22d85d72d9f6506.
08:43 TYPO3 Core Revision a16e5643: [BUGFIX] Do not show disabled checkbox
Revert a style change, added in #95325, which
led to disabled checkboxes are being shown, while
only their label shou...


21:46 TYPO3 Core Bug #95325 (Resolved): Checkbox visible for disabled items in columns selector
17:50 TYPO3 Core Bug #95308 (Resolved): Module Menu in web>layout should not display "All languages" when only default language exists
Applied in changeset commit:3c4dc4b8a0aaa4482011251d400bdbe33f9a34b3.
17:42 TYPO3 Core Revision 3c4dc4b8: [BUGFIX] Avoid "All languages" option for single language sites
In case a site in the TYPO3 page tree only features the
default language, the module menu of the page module
does no ...
16:35 TYPO3 Core Task #95287 (Resolved): Acutally require user to setup MFA
Applied in changeset commit:6f5a5e0aac4b82d59cbad4a9238ca80c06f0d2e9.
16:28 TYPO3 Core Revision 6f5a5e0a: [TASK] Enforce setting up MFA
With #93526, multi-factor authentication was
introduced to TYPO3. This came with several
configuration options, such ...
16:00 TYPO3 Core Bug #95300 (Resolved): FileList module listing broken when uploading files
Applied in changeset commit:d38c19cd10a7ac0ad1072d16df056b2548f0c65a.
15:52 TYPO3 Core Revision d38c19cd: [BUGFIX] Properly add columns for uploaded files
A couple of patches changed the amount of columns,
shown in the filelist module listing. For example, since
column se...

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