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18:19 Advanced sitemaps Bug #44786: https not supported?
Okay, found the cause in class _tx_advancedsitemaps_view_ (for both cases 'google' and 'google_news')...
17:03 Advanced sitemaps Bug #44786 (New): https not supported?
It seems like advanced_sitemaps has a problem with HTTPS.
We have two pages set as "use https" in BE because they ...


12:33 powermail Bug #11456: change of locallang label doesn't work
TYPO3 4.5.2
powermail 1.6.0
I absolutely wouldn't call this a solution, _but_ it does fix this problem for now:


17:45 powermail Bug #10671: "+" not allowed in field recipient
Andy Grunwald wrote:
> Afaik, this is not a valid sign for an email-address.
actually it is.
See: http://...

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