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06:24 Task #83397: Install a voting plugin
Yes, we got the same information when Stucki wanted to contact Sascha. His former colleagues referred us to him direc...


17:41 Feature #53282 (Resolved): Get the release metadata from a trusted source
I agree with you


06:49 Server Team Bug #83524 (New): OpenVZ host servers boot with broken IPv6 config
IPv6 sysctl settings on the hosts are not incorporated (file @/etc/sysctl.d/openvz.conf@ seems ignored).
Solution ...


10:27 TYPO3 Core Feature #31872: Group hierarchy
okay, makes more sense now. Thanks!


14:53 Server Team Wiki edit: Meeting_2017-12-20 (#1)


06:45 Feature #83327: Hint for new users on login form of
Oh.. these _users_.. can't we just get rid of them? ;-)
So let's leave that ticket here and ask Sascha to impleme...


16:58 Task #83399 (Accepted): Clean up roles in redmine
As requested by the core team, we should remove roles that are no longer needed (Ticket#20171106609000243).
They s...
16:57 Task #83398 (Accepted): Install redmine_issue_template plugin
As requested by the core team, we should install the plugin (T...
16:56 Task #83397 (Accepted): Install a voting plugin
As requested by the core team, we should install a plugin that allows users to vote for issues (Ticket#20171106609000...
06:34 Task #83384 (Rejected): Broken content examples on demo page
Thanks for taking the time to write this bug report. The demo is not maintained anymore since a longer time and it sh...

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