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09:16 Composer Team Bug #66043: injectComposerClassLoader() expects Helhum\ClassAliasLoader\Composer\ClassAliasLoader...
That helped. Thanks!


15:24 RealURL Bug #65785: Class 'tx_realurl_apiwrapper' not found
Same here. Clearing the cache in the TYPO3 backend did not resolve the error, but using the "Clear all cache" button ...


21:58 Board (public) Election 2015: RE: Candidates for EAB: Peter Pröll
You are in favor of scenario 3 (transforming the T3A into "The TYPO3 company"). Can you explain why? How would this s...
21:49 Board (public) Election 2015: RE: Candidates for EAB: Christopher Hlubek
Hello Christopher,
as a part of the Flow/Neos team, do you think the TYPO3 Association should focus more on the new ...
21:46 Board (public) Election 2015: RE: Candidates for EAB: Patel Ravishankar
Hello Patel,
what is your profession and what was your roll in the TYPO3 community so far?


15:27 Core Feature #20933 (New): Enable working with SysFolders in CONTENT
This issue is still present. I will fix it. (Hint: ContentObjectRenderer:8026 is probably where you want to take a look)


10:19 Core Bug #63726 (Resolved): Extbase: Traverse validation results only until first error
When deciding wether to call the action method or error method it's sufficient to traverse results until the first er...


21:37 Core Task #63327 (Resolved): Use class imports in Cache Frontend classes
16:38 Core Task #63326 (Resolved): Avoid using $GLOBALS['TYPO3_DB'] in DataHandler
Instead of $GLOBALS['TYPO3_DB'] a type hinted property $this->databaseConnection should be used to gain autocompletio...
15:17 Core Task #63324 (Resolved): Cleanups in DataHandler
* remove unused local variables
* fix phpDoc inconsistencies
Notice for reviewers: I would suggest not make dozen...

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