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11:36 Core Bug #75904 (New): Category Model has icon property but no database field
@\TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Domain\Model\Category@ has a property @$icon@ without a corresponding database field. Therefore i...


09:04 Core Feature #17406 (New): Page type Shortcut with anchor points
This feature is still missing in TYPO3 8 and would definitely be helpful.


11:48 Formhandler Task #75252 (Resolved): TYPO3 7 compatibility: Usage of deprecated SpriteManager::addTcaTypeIcon
In ext_tables.php \TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Sprite\SpriteManager::addTcaTypeIcon() is used which is deprecated since TYPO3 7.
11:46 Formhandler Task #75251 (Resolved): TYPO3 7 compatibility: Usage of deprecated GeneralUtility::modifyHTMLcolor
\Typoheads\Formhandler\View\Form::createStepBar uses \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\GeneralUtility::modifyHTMLColor which is...


08:23 Core Bug #74124 (Resolved): sys_file_reference field downloadname has no TCA definition
sys_file_reference comes with the database field downloadname but it is not used or displayed anywhere and it even ha...


12:49 Core Bug #73742 (New): Hook to inject js into UserSettingModule not working anymore
With this commit ( the hook @['ext...


14:17 Core Feature #72149 (Resolved): Support \DateTimeInterface in Format\DateViewHelper
The DateViewHelper only supports DateTime objects or Unix Timestamps, but instead of checking for a concrete DateTime...


10:56 Core Feature #72053: Extbase: Support \DateTimeInterface instead of \DateTime
As far as I see this would affect the following things would need to be changed:
* Wrong: When loading a database ...
09:40 Core Feature #72053 (New): Extbase: Support \DateTimeInterface instead of \DateTime
Extbase supports conversion from and to \DateTime objects in several situations. But you cannot work with \DateTimeIm...


19:11 Core Task #68358 (Closed): Cleanups for PageRepository
Class was cleaned up in the meantime

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