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Reported issues: 182


19:11 Core Task #68358 (Closed): Cleanups for PageRepository
Class was cleaned up in the meantime
10:32 Core Bug #71951 (New): f:debug() fails when lazy loading properties result in NULL
DebuggerUtility::renderObject() recognizes @LazyLoadingProxy@ s and resolves them. But then it just assumes the value...


09:33 Core Bug #71843: forceAbsoluteUrl has no effect
I'll create a patch now


10:35 Core Bug #71850 (Closed): typolink.forceAbsoluteUrl doesn't force absolute url
This is were it broke:


12:26 Core Bug #71824 (New): displayCond FIELD can't operate on array values
Records passed to the EvaluateDisplayConditions provider can contain array values, which can't be properly processed ...
10:16 Core Bug #71819 (New): Incorrect returnurl when deleting records
Open (edit) any record in list view -> delete it with the trash icon -> you will be redirected to the page module ins...


11:19 Core Bug #71477 (Closed): TypoScript condition hostname checks for IP address instead of host


13:47 TYPO3 CMS Usability Team Bug #33828: Remove Web > Info Help icon
Can't confirm that for 6.2.15. It's still there for me.


09:55 Core Bug #70859 (Resolved): IRRE fields in flexforms don't show existing records
When rendering IRRE fields (like a FAL field) inside flexforms no existing records are shown.
This bug occurs sinc...


15:06 Core Bug #70498 (New): The CategoryRepository should obey the sorting field
sys_category records have a sorting field but CategoryRepository ignores it by default.
This is missing in the Cat...

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