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19:50 Core Task #68358 (New): Cleanups for PageRepository
I want to do some cleanups in PageRepository before finishing #20933
13:49 Core Feature #68338 (Resolved): Early return in GeneralUtility::fixPermissions()
GeneralUtility::fixPermissions() could use early return for windows
11:26 Core Bug #68332 (Resolved): Duplicate mime type declaration FlowPlayerContentObject
* Fix duplicate array key in $mimeTypes for 'swa'
* Order the keys alphabetically, which can help to avoid duplicate...
10:36 Core Task #68329 (Resolved): Use ::class where possible in fluid unit tests
02:18 Core Task #68326 (Resolved): Use "an" instead of "a" in labels and comments where appropriate
In english you have to use "an" before any spoken vowel.


16:24 Core Bug #67892 (Resolved): Symlink to autoload.php should be relative
The symlink from typo3/contrib/vendor/autoload.php to the autoload file in Packages is created absolute, which can ca...


15:16 Core Bug #20705: Flexform doesn't know field type:passthrough
Having the same issue. I want a value to be stored in the flexform but not displayed/editable.


23:35 Core Bug #67530 (Accepted): Media element: Video player, Audio player and Flow player broken
The swf files for the different media players can not be loaded in the frontend because of broken paths.
How to re...


10:08 Core Feature #67450 (Under Review): Support custom markers in search form
indexed_search should support the creation of custom markers via typoscript to output custom labels and arbitrary con...
09:23 Formhandler Feature #67447 (New): composer.json
As the TYPO3 project is shifting towards composer and in the current master the autoloader was removed, formhandler s...

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