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18:11 TYPO3 Core Bug #82861 (Resolved): linkPopup option 'allowedExtensions' in TCA inputLink field not considered
I setup the following TCA configuration:...


11:30 TYPO3 Core Feature #73436: Backend editing on iPad
This issue is still open in TYPO3 8.0.1


11:28 TYPO3 Core Bug #74130 (New): Workspace change detail window didn't show the workspace version
If you open in the workspace module your list of changes, you can open the workspace change detail window for a speci...
11:12 TYPO3 Core Bug #74128 (Closed): Wrong list style in tabs of workspace preview window
In the workspace preview window are wrong styles for the tab menu items. The list points are visible.
Please add ...


10:16 TYPO3 Core Bug #72252: substituteMarkerArrayCached not substitute $subpartContentArray
I make a quick test and remove the dot in the subpart name and it works fine. It is possible to bring back the behavi...
08:15 TYPO3 Core Bug #72252: substituteMarkerArrayCached not substitute $subpartContentArray
Markus Klein wrote:
> @Tobias: How do you call the function? Can you provide a code sample please with the data you ...


17:25 TYPO3 Core Bug #72252 (Resolved): substituteMarkerArrayCached not substitute $subpartContentArray
After updating TYPO3 CMS to 6.2.16 from 6.2.15 all my extensions that uses substituteMarkerArrayCached no longer work...


17:59 TYPO3 Core Bug #68052 (Closed): Broken layout in File Element Browser with option uploadFieldsInTopOfEB = 1
Hello everybody,
I changed the user settings to...


17:40 TYPO3 Core Bug #51092: Cache file access problems in the backend - warnings, notifications and exceptions
With TYPO3 6.2.8 is looks fine on Windows. Only very rarely get an error message.


08:08 TYPO3 Core Feature #62441 (New): Backend search in IRRE tables
I have a contact extension that saves the contacts in the data structure of an Outlook contact. That means, I have a ...

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