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07:22 TYPO3.Flow Bug #54181: Use date_default_timezone_get() instead of ini_get('date.timezone')
I strongly agree - the installation is the most difficult part in the moment for every newbie and we should simplify ...


12:15 TYPO3 Core Feature #58628 (New): Assign (multiple) categories on bulk upload
Image you drag & drop many files in the filelist. After this, you have to edit every file separate to assign one or m...
12:03 TYPO3 Core Bug #58627 (Closed): Upload of files does not work in Google Chrome 34
Uploading of files (either drag & drop or upload action) does not work in Chrome 34, while it works with other browse...


16:09 TYPO3 CMS - What's New Wiki edit: ForEditors (#4)
15:58 TYPO3 CMS - What's New Wiki edit: ForEditors (#3)
13:32 TYPO3 CMS - What's New Wiki edit: ForEditors (#2)


14:58 Budget 2013 Discussion: RE: Extbase Barcamp
The first TYPO3camps in Munich where organized by 5 people in their spare time. Although a few of them have worked in...
13:39 Budget 2013 Discussion: RE:
Is this forum connected to some official address owned by the association?
I second Philipps comment that first (or ...
13:28 Budget 2013 Discussion: RE: Phoenix Development
@Karsten: Not having a goal is not doing Scrum. Scrum is a project management method which regulates the way to the g...
13:14 Budget 2013 Discussion: RE: Server
This is a really small amount of money for the most important infrastructure the projects needs. Thanks a lot for you...

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