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Preview link ("show") of pages in the backend should be prefixed with the domain record

Added by Patrick Lobacher over 12 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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In the backend, if you click on the preview link of a page ("show") then you get the frontend preview of the page in this format:


(if www.domain.com is the domain your backend is called from)

If you have a multidomain setup, it would be great to have to possibility (pageTS?) to prefix not with the domain the backend runs with but with the domain record instead. So you get different preview links, depending on your domain record you entered for a domain

I will sponsor this feature

(issue imported from #M11199)


11199.diff (894 Bytes) 11199.diff Administrator Admin, 2009-05-27 20:06

Updated by Dmitry Dulepov over 12 years ago

The problem happens only and only if the user access the Backend through the domain, which is not entered as a domain record. The fix is attached.


Updated by Steffen Gebert almost 12 years ago

I just stumbled over this - sounds very good!

What happens, when no domain record is defined? Does it also work with the patch?

Could you send it to the core list, Dmitry (or Patrick), please?


Updated by Susanne Moog over 10 years ago

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Dmitry, would you care to push your patch to Gerrit?


Updated by Stefan Neufeind over 9 years ago

Please note that to preview "hidden" pages you'll need to have BE-cookies set. And when previewing through a separate domain those cookies are not yet set. In case we "transfer" the cookies to the other domain as well watch out for session-fixation or the like.


Updated by Mathias Schreiber about 7 years ago

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