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10:39 TYPO3 Core Bug #81036 (New): TCA l18n_parent is processed for sys_language_uid 0
When opening a TCA Form of e.g. a tt_content record of sys_language_id 0 the l18n_parent field is processed, though t...


17:22 TYPO3 Core Bug #70918: Adding inline relations in FlexForms is broken
David Voigt wrote:
> I'm experiencing this issue in TYPO3 7.6.4, too. This core patch fixed the issue for me (don't ...
17:02 Grid Elements Bug #70442: Image elements form flexform not available in typoscript / Fluid
Tymoteusz Motylewski wrote:
> I had the same issue, and it turned out to be an issue in Flux.
> It's already solved...


13:45 scriptmerger Feature #66384: Above the fold
Doing this by hand makes maintaining styles kinda pain in the ass.


17:22 Grid Elements Bug #65352: CTtype "INVALID VALUE" when creating new record on page without contents
Similar Problem, when i try to add a content element in list mode.


16:12 TYPO3 Core Feature #21661: Secure the BE login - Blacklist ips
If i remember correctly i was fileing this and an bunch of other security related tickets to make typo3 at least base...
15:55 TYPO3 Core Bug #15020: mysql like regarding german "umlaute"
Mathias Schreiber wrote:
> is this still viable with the entire utf8 stuff we changed?
no se, haven't tested this f...


18:03 TYPO3 Core Bug #35093: Localization in Typoscript via XLIFF
Any news on that?


16:48 Grid Elements Bug #61715: Dropping to first position does not work
Same issue in col 1.
Fun fact: if i move the first item to the second position. And try to move it back to the first...
16:40 Grid Elements Bug #61723 (Closed): Flexform default files value is ignored when using "new content toolbar"
When creating a new content element by draging it from the "new content toolbar" flexform default field values are no...

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